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1969 Brochure

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Bolens Husky 1250

Remembering all the performance benefits that are standard equipment on the Husky 1250 will put your memory to a stiff test. First, there's Bolens foot-pedal control hydrostatic transmission. Toe down for forward, heel down for reverse. Then there's the direct plug-in attachment system; a rugged 12 1/2 hp engine; a hydraulic lift for front, center, and rear mounted attachments and a full lighting system. As options, there are more than two dozen attachments and a heavy-duty three-point hitch for raising and lowering rear-mounted implements. If you can't recall all that, just keep Bolens 1250 in mind-your dealer will demonstrate all the difference designed benefits.



Difference designed

with performance in mind!

Difference designed Features, 1250
FOOT-PEDAL CONTROL - Toe down for forward, heel down for reverse. Your hands never leave the steering wheel to shift. (See page 4 for further description.)

HYDRAULIC LIFT LEVER - Husky 1250 attachments are raised and lowered hydraulically. Instrument panel has a position gauge that allows you to relocate original working height at a glance. (See page 4 for further description.) PLUG-IN ATTACHMENTS - Shaft from attachment plugs into PTO coupling. No finger-pinching belts. (See page 5 for further description.) THREE-POINT HITCH (Optional)
For rear-mounted attachments. Provides farm type versatility normally found only on larger units. Mountings for threepoint hitch are standard equipment. (See page 5 for further description.)



ENGINE: Wisconsin, 12 1/2 hp, 3600 rpm

STARTER: 12v electric

TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic, foot-pedal control

BRAKES: Disc for emergency; dynamic for service braking

PARKING BRAKE: Standard (Pawl type)

STEERING : Spur gear & sector


PERFORMANCE: 54" turning radius 
Forward speeds variable,' 0 to 8 mph 
Reverse speeds variable 0 to 4 mph

(Lights and hydraulic lift are standard equipment.)


Wheelbase, 49" 
Overall height, 45" 
Overall width, 38" 
ease. .. that's the hydrostatic 1250. 
Overall length, 72" 
Ground clearance, 81/2" min.


Front, 5.70/5.00 x 8 
Rear, 27 x 8.50 x 15
(Refer to page 21 for additional tires.)

PTO (type): Shaft

PTO CLUTCH: Standard



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