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Husky 850, Owner Manual

Page 11



Drive shaft delivers power directly from power-take-off (PTO) to attachment-front, rear and centermounted. Slide universal joint over end of splined power-take-off shaft, aligning holes in joint and shaft and secure with special cotter pin, then slide attachment drive and PTO drive shaft universal joint together, slip pins into hitch points and connect attachment lift lever with pin and hitch point. The PTO (power-take-off) drive shaft is located under the front of the tractor frame and is connected to the engine by a drive belt. This assembly has a drive shaft which is splined at both ends so that front, center and rear power attachments can be coupled directly to it. Universal joints on the attachments are equipped with needle-bearings allowing you to raise or lower attachments (with lift lever) while the tractor is under full power.

Figure 17


Always remove universal joint from power-take-off shaft when attachments are removed from tractor. If the joint is not removed and the power-take-off is engaged, damage will result from whipping action of the free joint.



Always keep your HUSKY tractor in a dry, protected place when not in use to prolong its usefulness and appearance. With year round use, it is not necessary to "store" the tractor but when it is not to be used for some time, it should be prepared for storage in the following manner :

1. Completely clean all accumulated dirt or trash from all parts of tractor.

2. Wipe oil or a rust preventative on any parts that may be damaged by rust.

3. Drain gas tank and carburetor

4. Remove spark plug and put a small amount of oil (SAE 30) in cylinder head.

5. Without starting the tractor, crank the engine to fully lubricate the cylinder walls, valve seats and valve stems.

6. Keep tractor covered.

7. Battery - remove battery and store in cool, dry area. Check at regular intervals to maintain fully charged battery.

8. Attachments must be lowered to surface in storage.

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