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Husky 850, Owner Manual



Preventing accidents is the responsibility of every equipment operator. The following general safety precautions must be fully understood and followed by every operator of this tractor and its attachments. Review them frequently and NEVER TAKE CHANCES. BE CAREFUL BEFORE, DURING AND RIGHT AFTER USE OF ANY POWERED EQUIPMENT. ACCIDENTS CAN BE PREVENTED.

1. Mount vehicle, place transmission shift lever in NEUTRAL, and depress clutch pedal prior to starting electric start engine. Always place shift lever in neutral position before manually starting engine.

2. Do not mount or leave vehicle while it is in motion or in actual operation, nor leave vehicle unattended while engine is running.

3. Always shut off engine, and place transmission lever in GEAR whenever vehicle is to be left unattended. Lower all attachments to the ground with P.T.O, lever in OFF position when leaving the unit unattended.

4. Attachments must be lowered to the ground when storing tractor.
5. Do not tow vehicle without putting unit in free wheeling or over 5 miles per hour, nor with attachments on it.

6. When towing or moving the vehicle, place transmission lever in NEUTRAL, and unit in free wheeling.

7. Do not carry passengers.
8. Do not start or operate vehicle in an inside area.

9. Keep tractor and attachments free of excess grease and oil.

10. Engine must be stopped, and P. T. D. disengaged when cleaning, servicing, adjusting, repairing, or installing attachments on tractor.

11. Always disconnect ground (-) battery cable from battery before doing any work on the electrical system. Reconnect it last.

12. Study your manual. Know your tractor before operating it. Take time to operate the unit in the safest manner.

13. Always follow manufacturer's operational suggestions.

14. Do not allow children to operate vehicle at any time.

15. Do not allow adults to operate vehicle without proper instruction including all safety instructions.

16. Do not fill gasoline tank when engine is running or hot. Add gas only outdoors and when engine is cool. KEEP SMOKERS AND OPEN FLAME AWAY FROM UNIT WHILE FUELING.

17. Store fuel in approved tightly closed container out of reach of children.

18. Never operate tractor with mower, snow caster or any other attachment having moving parts when any child or person is in travel path or discharge area. Children must not be allowed in or near working areas when equipment is being used.