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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 17

MAINTENANCE (continued)

2. Remove capscrews (F) and remove baffles, figure 20, exposing cooling fins (G).

3. Thoroughly clean cooling fins of all dirt, grease and debris.

4. Reverse above procedure to replace baffles and side panels.



1. Open hood.

2. Disconnect plug for headlight wiring.

3. Unhook lanyard from hook on muffler support.

4. Remove hood and grille assembly.


AIR CLEANER (Figure 21)
Under normal operating conditions, disassemble and service air cleaner components every 50 hours of operation. Do this more frequently (even daily) if extremely dusty or dirty conditions prevail.
Remove the polyurethane precleaner (H) from around the dry type paper air cleaner element (I). Wash this precleaner in a solution of water and detergent. Remove the excess water by squeezing like a sponge and allow to dry




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