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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 20

MAINTENANCE (continued)

Operation is greatly affected by breaker point condition and adjustment of point gap. If points are burned or badly oxidized, little or no current will pass and as a result the engine may not operate at all; or if it does run it is likely to miss, particularly at full throttle.

To maintain maximum efficiency from the engine, change the breaker points every 200 hours of operation. The points are located in a box directly behind the muffler support bracket (M). Use the following procedure to replace or adjust the points.

1. Remove the hood and grille assembly.

2. Remove the muffler (N) figure 25, from the support bracket (M).

3. Remove the heat shield (O).

4. Remove the two screws and the cover on the breaker box (P) figure 26.

5. Remove the two spark plugs so engine can be easily rotated by hand. Check condition of sparkplugs at this time.

6. Remove nut (Q) and pull the points out of the box just far enough so screw (R) can be removed and leads disconnected.

7. Remove screw (S) and replace condenser with a new one.


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