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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 32


Always- keep you BOLENS tractor in a dry protected place when not in use to prolong its usefulness and appearance. With year around use, it is not necessary to "store" the tractor; but when it is not to be used for some time, it should be prepared for staorage in the following manner:

1. Completely clean all accumulated dirt or trash from all parts, especially engine fins and flywheel screen.

2. Wipe oil or a rust preventive on any parts that may rust. Touch up any area where paint has been chipped or worn oil on tractor.

3. Drain gas tank and carburetor.

4. Drain oil from crankcase while engine is still hot and flush with clean, light oil. Refill with the appropriate oil per lubrication chart.

5. Check fuel filter and replace if dirty.

6. Remove, clean and regap spark plug and put a small amount of oil (SAE30) into cylinder. Turn the engine over a few times to
 fully lubricate the cylinder walls, valve seats and valve stems. This can be done by engaging the key starter briefly. Replace spark plug.

7. BATTERY - keep terminal posts cleaned of corrosion salts and coat with petroleum jelly or grease. Keep cables clean. Stored battery must be kept fully charged and with all cells filled to triangle. Store at cool temperature, 20OF (-7oC) to 50OF (10 C). Check each two months and charge as necessary.

8. The air cleaner should be cleaned and sealed off with a plastic bag or facsimile, for the duration of the storage period.

9. If tractor is stored with an attachment mounted on it, the attachment MUST be lowered to the ground, and the attachment switch in OFF position.

10. It is highly recommended that machines be stored inside a building through the winter. If this is not possible, the engine should be protected from snow and ice with a covering of waterproof material.

FMC Bolens reserves the right to change specifications, add improvements, or discontinue the manufacture of any of its equipment without notice or obligation of purchasers of its equipment.

FMC Bolens approval of the use of attachments manufactured by allied manufacturers is limited to assurance that such use will not void FMC Bolens warranty of the FMC Bolens equipment to which the allied manufactured attachments are adapted. The responsibility for the design, performance, durability, safety and operation, service repair availability, and warranty obligation remain with the allied manufacturer. FMC Bolens specifically excludes from its warranty obligation all such allied manufactured attachments.

FMC Bolens warranty will be voided if unapproved attachments are adapted to use with FMC Bolens equipment and are so used,

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