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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 9


5. Clean flywheel screen (E), Check and clean regulary. Refer to figure 6.

6. Visually check for loose or missing nuts, screw and damaged parts. Replace and tighten before starting engine.

7. Check for even tire inflation. FRONT AND REAR TIRE INFALTION SHOULD NOT BE LESS THAN 8 LBS. P.S.I. (55.12 kPa) NOR MORE THAN 12 LBS. P.S.I. (82 kPa).

8. With transmission cold, thoroughly clean area around hydrostatic transmission dipstick and fill tube (F). Remove dipstick and check transmission fluid level. Level must be maintained in operating zone. Refer to figure 7.



Controlled break-in oil supplied (10W-30W) and a conscientiously applied maintenance program will help assure satisfactory service for many hours from your Onan engine. Break-in or ideal fitting of all internal moving metal parts can best be achieved by maintaining proper cooling and correct   lubrification during the running-in period. Run the engine at about half load for the first three hours with intermitent periods of full load to control engine break-in. Engine damage can be caused by high engine operating temperature during break-in. NOTE :

After 2 hours run-in of new engines, use oil recommended in lubrification chart (page 28).



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