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A Bolens Husky offers a complete system for year round yard care

For city lot or suburban spread -for residential, commercial or institutional use, a Bolens Husky will handle every yard-care job with speed, safety, comfort and convenience. For your round versatility, a Bolens Husky is designed for use with a complete surge of lawn, garden and grounds maintenance attachments. So whatever the yard-care job, a Bolens Husky provides the power. And the attachment does the work.

By starting with a Bolens Husky and selecting the attachments you need (or adding attachments as you

need them) you form your own leisure-saving system for year round care of your property.

Compare a Bolens Husky feature for feature with unit other make. You'll find that a Bolens Husky is neither a scaale-down farm tractor, nor a lavish Iown mower. It is a complete, fully-equipped tractor with extras you don't pay extra to get. And it's engineer specifically for lavvn and garden use by Bolens - the people wlin brought fun and yard work together in the first place - forty-seven years ago


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