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Only a Bolens Husky offers these four features

you'd soon miss on any other compact tractor

PTO (Power. Take-Off) Drive)

... for Positiver power to attachment at any extreme height!

Because Bolens  powered attachment are Powered by a drive shaft instead of a belt, you can raise or lower the attachments while under full power without straining  the drive mechanism or losing engine power. Examples: raising the snow caster to  attack a deep drift, or lowering the tiller for deeper tilling,

With belt-driven attachments  on other compact tractors, similar raising and lowering can play havoc with the drive mechanism and lead to belt waar and power loss.

2 Speed Ranges

... for total of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds!

A Bolens Husky has an all-gear transmission with two speed ranges - high and low - so you can select the one best tractor ground speed (from 3/4 to 6 mph) to match the job and still deliver full power to the attachment. Examples: 3rd gear high range for large scale moving and 1st gear low range for deep tilling.  Once you select the right gear for the job, you stay in it.  As working conditions change (and more or less ground speed is desired) you stop, depress the cluth, select a new gear and continue on your way.  No other compact tractor offers as broad a range of geared working speeds.

Fast Switch
Power-lock Hitch

... for changing powered attchments easily --- in minutes
Bolens powered attachments are powered by a drive shaft instead of a belt. On most other tractros, hitching up an attachment means lining up a belt.  Then pulling and straining to stretch it over a series of pulleys (sheaves). Belts add time to your work and subtract skin from your fingers.

To bitch up a Bolens powered attachment you simply slide the attachment's own drive shaft onto the Bolens power-lock and insert a few hitch pins to secure the attachment to the tractor. It's that easy!

Controlled Differential

... puts extra traction at your fingertips!

On occasions when working conditions require extra traction (examples: soft or muddy ground, or deep snow) you simply reach over the side of your Bolens Husky and turn the control knob for the degree of extra traction you need.  The more turns, the more traction. Turning the knob as far as it goes provides nearly straight axle drive. Only with a Bolens Husky can you climb out of trough spots without need for special tool to adjust the differential.  Controled differential also provides greater traction and stability for climbing steep hills.
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