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Raise or lower attachments while under full power without straining the drive mechanism.


Examples: You're mowing and decide to raise the mowing attachment for higher cut.  With a Bolens Husky, you pull back the attachment lift lever to lock the mower at a higher working position and continu to mow.  You haven't even broken stride.

Because the attachments on a Bolens Husky are driven by means of a drive shaft connected by universal joints, you can raise or lower the attachments even under full power without

straining the power mechanism.

On some compact tractors with belt driven attachments, raising or lowering the attachments under full power (for adjust for various working heights) can strain the drive mechanism. Repeated straining causes betlt misalignment and wear and, eventually, loss of power.  With a Bolens Husky you are always assured of full engine power at all attachment working heights.

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