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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 25

MAINTENANCE (continued)

5. Shut off engine and set brakes. Remove the blocking from under the tractor.


The travel pedal can be adjusted for the operator's comfor. Refer to figure 32 and 33.

1. Remove access plate in front of fender assembly on top of tractor frame.

2. Loosen nut "I" figure 32.

3. Remove cotter pin "J" figure 33, from pin "K". Remove pin from control arm "L".

4. To bring toe of pedal closer to operator, shorten rod "M" figure 33.

5. To move toe of pedal further away from operator, lengthen rod "M".

6. After desired adjustment is reached, align hole in pedal end of rod "M" with hole in control arm "L" and secure with pin "K" and cotter pin "J". Lock hex nut "I" figure 32.

7. Reinstall access plate.


With brakes fully released pin "N" must be in slot "O" of lock plate "P" to allow for full stroke of travel pedal. See figure 34. If adjustment is necessary loosen nut "Q", remove cotter pin "S" and pin "T" figure 33. Adjust clevis "R" figure 33 to position pin "N" into slot "O" figure 34. Replace pin and secure with cotter pin. Securely tighten nut.


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