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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 26

MAINTENANCE (continued)

Remove ignition key. Remove all dirt from around transmission filler dipstick area and filter. Clean transmission housirg periodically. If tractor is operated in a dusty environment, check and clean more frequently. Consult your FMC Bolens dealer for transmission maintenance.

Keep both bront and rear tires inflated evenly. Under no circumstances should tire inflation be less than 8 lbs. p.s.i. (55.12kPa) nor more than 12 lbs. p.s.i. (82.68kPa). Check air pressure regularly with a low pressure gauge. Operating with incorrect pressures may damage tires.

After every 50 operating hours check clearance of brake pads. After previous adjustments are made depress brake pedal until pin "N" just entires slot "O" of lever "P" figure 34. Lock pedal in this position and check clearance of brake pads at "V" figure 35. The clearance should be 0 inches. If adjustment is necessary with pedal locked as above turn hex nuts 'W" figure 35 clockwise until 0 clearance is obtained between pads and disc at "X".


Be sure to adjust the brakes on both wheels equally to avoid uneven braking. Check for proper operation.

If electrical system fails while operating engine, shut engine off and let tractor stand a few minutes to allow circuit breaker to cool and reset. The circuit breaker is mounted to the positive (+) terminal of the ammeter.

Check tractor to find the cause of electrical failure and correct.


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