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With a full range of attachments to choose from

a Bolens Husky makes year round yard care as easy as going along for the ride


GRADER BLADE (42-INCH)  All-steel, heavy-duty blade for grading, leveling, plowing snow, etc. Operates in five different positions.  Has an automatic trip release to prevent damage from solid obstacles. SICKLE BAR MOWER (48-INCH)  For heavy mowing in grass, weeds and brush.  Trims hedges in vertical position; can be lowered 45 degrees to cut banks and road shoulders.  Automatic trip-release prevent damage.

ROTARY BROOM (48-INCH)  Angled 30 degrees, it clears a clean 42-inch path.  Broom is ideal for clearing light snow from walks and drives, cleaning up leaves and thatch or grass raking. SPRAYER PTO powered, direct-mounted sprayer fits all Husky tractors.  Twin piston pump delivers 3 gal. per minute, up to 300 lbs. pressure.  Available with spray gun or 4 nozzle spray boom. 20 gal. tank.
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