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Power Snow Casting

Equipped with a snow caster attachment, a Bolens Husky leaves a clean, yard-wide path on every sweep --- puts away up to 3,500 lbs. of snow a minute.  You can gear down to a ground-gripping crawl in deep snow and still keep the snow caster churning at top speed.  To kkep you going through ice, mud and deep snow, Bolens controlled differential delivers full engine power to both drive wheels.  And to match conditions, you can raise or lower the snow caster and change direction of the discharge chute right from the tractor seat.

SNOW / GRADER BLADE (42 INCH)  Steel blade locks in 5 positions.  Automatic trip release prevents damage from solid obstacles. STRAIGHT - ACTION SNOW CASTER (32-INCH and 36-INCH)  Two sizes.  Both dig and cast in one smooth, continious cycle to prevent cloggong or freezing in the discharge chute.  Adjustable steel runners adapt to surface being cleared.

Power Tilling

ROTARY TILLER ATTACHMENT ( 22-INCH and 30-INCH ) for easy soil preparation, deep tilling in heavy soil or general garden maintenance.  The ruggedly-constructed tiller with guaranteed* tines bites deep into soil -- lifting, breaking, mixing.  This blending action gives ideal seedbed preparation.  Serrated drag plate smooths soil behind tiller for an even seedbed.  Tiller attaches directly to the rear splined power-take-off (PTO) drive shaft for full engine power.  Bolens exclusive direct-drive lelminates having a separate engine on the tiller, lowers initial cost and simplifies maintenance.  Eight-inch tine and hood extension are available for 30-inch cultivation.

Control Tilling Depth from Tractor Seat.  Attachment lift lever lets you adjust for tilling depth without slowing the tractor or reducing power to the tiller.

*Rotor tines are unconditionally guaranteed against breakage for the life of the tiller without charge.



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