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Two speed ranges let you match tractor speed to any ground condition


Example: You're in 2nd gear (low range) mowing in high grass or uneven ground, and are about to mow onto wide expanse of lawn where you can take advantage of greater tractor ground speed.  Upon reaching low grass, you can move the speed-range control lever to high and select the speed (1st, 2nd, 3rd gear) you want.

  Bolens two speed-range control gives you a total of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. You can move as slowly

 as 3/4 of a mile per hour or as fasf as 6 mph (500 ft per min.), and still keep attachment working at full speed.

  With 2 speeds-ranges, Bolens Husky has twice as many geared working speeds as other compact tractors. You always can select the one best gear to adjust tractor ground speed to match working conditions.  With a Bolens Husky, you'll never feel you are limited to a tractor ground speed too fast or too slow for the job at hand.


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