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Power Mowing
A Bolens Husky tractors makes mowing a fast, nearly effortless job.  With Bolens two speed-ranges, you select (from 6 forward speeds) the one best mowing speed to match working conditions.  Gear down to drive the tractor slowly in tall grass.  Gear up to run at full speed (over 500 ft. per minute) across a normal lawn and still deliver full power to mowing attachment.  Three rotary mowing attachments : 42-inch, 38-inch and 32-inch.


3 BLABES FOR SMOOTH, EVEN CUTTING Overlapping, specially-pitched blades create an airlift which raises the grass to cut evenly,  You'll mow without windows, wheel mark or "bunching".

(A) SPECIAL BAFFING eliminates clumping, quickly rids mower of clippings and increases safety.


TRIMS CLOSE   A Bolens Husky tractor has a small turning radius so you can maneuver with ease around obstacles.  And, because the mowing attachment is wider than the tractor, you can mow to within a half-inch of fences, buildings, walks and borders to eliminate most hand trimming.


FRONT REEL MOWER (30-INCH)  has independent floating action and front caster wheels for smooth level cutting.  Five-blade chain-driven mower is quality-proved by 18 years in Bolens line.

TRAILING MOWER (3-GANG) WITH 60-INCH CUT Hitches to Husky tractor for easy large-scale reel mowing.  Independant suspension for smooth cutting even on sloping ground.

PARALLEL SUSPENSION  keeps mower even with ground surface at cutting heights.  Attachment lift lever easily raises or lowers center-mounted rotary mower in a level position for uniform cutting at all times.  Select cutting height from 1 1/2 to 4 inches while the tractor and mower are under full power.


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