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Up-front seating and center-pivot steering make it the most maneuverable compact tractor you can buy

Center pivot steering.
Incorporated in the design of the Bolens Estate Keeper is an advanced steering principle known as "frame steering" or "center-pivot steering" Here's how it works : as you turn the steering wheel, the entire front and rear sections of the 
Forward seating position
On the Bolens Estate Keeper, you sit up front for a clear unobstructed view of where you're mowing. Result: you can accurately nose the front-mounted mower attachment under shrubs and to within a fraction of an inch of wall,, drives and trees to eliminate hand trimming. With the snow caster attachtment, you follow winding wall, and drives clear snow close to buildings and fences. Then, to take full advantage of the upfront view, the Estate Keeper has Bolens exclusive center pivot steering and a 21" turning radius for quickness and maneuverability no
tractor move toss together like a hinge with the tractor wheels forming an arc or part of a circle.The more you turn, the smaller the circle. With center-pivot steering you actually steer the attachment; aim it where you want to go. Front
wheels, track rear wheels exactly-no shorts cutting on turns.  Center-pivot steering gives the Estate Keeper a tiny turning radius (21") not possible with conventional steering. And because the Estate Keeper flexes vertically as well as horizontally it follows ground contours, smooth, even mowing-without a trace of scalping.
Fast-Switch Power-lock Hitch
Powered attachments on a Bolens Estate Keeper are driven by a drive shaft instead of a belt. Hitching up an attachment on most other compact tractors means lining up the belt, then pulling and straining to stretch it over a pulley or sheave. With the Bolens Estate Keeper, hitching up a powered attachment is simply a matter of sliding the attachment drive shaft onto the Bolens Power-lock and securing the attachment to the tractor with a few hitch pins.Changing attachments takes only a few minutes and no tools are required.
other compact tractor can match.  Once hitched-up, a Bolens attachment can be raised or lowered while under full power without straining the drive mechanism or losing engine power.



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