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 . . .the fastest way out of your yard . . .year round!

MOWING Choose from two front-mounted rotary mowers (38' or 32") or a 5-blade reel mower (30"). With the Estate Keeper, you'll squirm into tight spots where only hand clippers used to reach. Circle trees and shrubs and edge right up to walks and fences without back-tracking or reversing. With front-mounted mower attachments, you'll cut grassevenly before the tractor's wheels press it down. Select the exact cutting height you need. And don't worry about tallgrass or tough terrain. The Estate Keeper handles both with ease. SNOW CASTING Hitch up Bolens "straight-action" snow caster attachment., put away 3,000 lbs. of snow a minute and leave a clean 32" path behind. The Estate Keeper's front: mounted snow caster and up-front seating put, you on top of every snow removal job. With center pivot steering, you aim the snow caster go exactly where you want to go. You can nose it gently along a winding path or punch it through a knee-deep drift.. You can raise or lower the attachment while under full power and adjust direction of discharge chute from the tractor seat.


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