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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

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In 1919, Bolens engineered, manufactured, and introduced the first garden tractor . . . your new HUSKY tractor represents years of research, engineering, and manufacturing skills. For this reason, we have dedicated this manual to assist you in obtaining trouble free performance and to know the advantages and features of your HUSKY tractor.

Your Bolens dealer has been carefully chosen to service your equipment for top performance through all the years you use it. Take your HUSKY to him at regular intervals for inspection and servicing. Feel free to contact him for answers to questions which you can not find in this manual.


Table of Contents


Safe Operating Practices   

Inside Front Cover

Adjustments  9
Serial Number 2 Maintenance Guide 10
Specifications  2 Lubrication  10
Break-In Period 3 Lubrication Chart 10
Controls  3 Power Take-Off (P.T.O.) 12
Pre-Operational Checks 4 Minor Trouble Shooting Guide 13
Starting the Engine 4 Wiring Diagram 13
Run-In Period 5 Optional Equipment 14
Operation  5 Storing Your Husky Tractor 15
Stopping the Engine 7 Warranty  Back Cover
Preventative Maintenance 7



This is an operational and general maintenance manual only and does not cover major repair. All major repair work must be performed by an authorized BOLENS DEALER or the factory warranty is . void. Bolens equipment is carefully engineered to give trouble-free performance if properly operated and maintained. Keep your equipment clean and lubricate it as prescribed in this manual. Periodically inspect your unit and perform any upkeep maintenance necessary.

Your dealer is obligated by the factory to completely assemble and service new equipment prior to delivery, and thoroughly explain and demonstrate its operation. He will repair or replace any parts which fail due to defective material and/or workmanship during the warranty period, and also provide future repair service and supply genuine factory repair parts.



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