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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

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On your purchase of FMC Bolens garden equipment, one of the finest available. Please take a few moments to review this manual to familiarize yourself with the unit, its features and its operation.

This equipment is manufactured by FMC Corporation Outdoor Power Equipment Division, 215 South Park Street, Port Washington, Wisconsin, 53074. telephone 414.284.5521. If you should any questions or encounter any problems, which you feel only the factory can solve, write to the above address or phone, attention the Service Department.

This is a safety operation and general maintenance manual which does not attempt to cover major repairs. FMC BOLENS equipment is carefully designed, engineered, and manufactured to give good performance if properly operated and maintained.

Your Warranty Statement is included, under separate cover with with this manual. Please read it carefully. Also, please return the completed postpaid owner registration card which is included with this manual. The purpose of this card is to register each unit and owner at the factory for safety purposes.




Included with this manual is a Safety Poster which we ask that that you place in the area where your equipment is stored. This is in tended to serve as a constant reminder to be safety conscious.

To read reports from all over the country is to be convinced that that a large number of accidents can be prevented only the operator anticipating the result before the accident is caused and doing something about it. No power equipment can be safer than the man who is at the controls. If accidents are to be prevented - and they most certainly can be prevented - operators must accept their full to measure of responsibility.

It is true that the designer, the manufacturer and the safety engineer can help, but their combined efforts can be wiped out by a single careless act.

It is said "the best kind of safety device is a careful operators". We ask you to be that kind of person.





General Safety Precautions 3 Pre-operational Checks 8 Wiring Diagram 30
Identification Numbers 4 Break-in Period 9 Storing Your Bolens Tractor  32
Specications 5 Operation  10
Controls 6 Maintenance  15
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