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Big tractor features plus unmatched maneurerability

TRAILING REEL MOWER (60 INCH) 3-gang for large-scale mowing. Independent suspension assures even cutting. 
LAWN ROLLER (32-INCH) T rails behind Estate Keeper, Follows path of front wheels. 24" diameter. Fill with water to increase weight.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Protective winter SNOW CAB gives clear view for working. TIRE CHAINS and REAR-MOUNTED WEIGHT add traction on ice and snow.

COMFORT/CONTROLS All controls within easy reach of operator. 

ADJUSTABLE SEAT Contoured bucket seat is adjustable. Tilts forward for access to room, weatherproof tool box. 

ELECTRIC STARTING KEY Turn to start quickly m any weather. Starting system includes: 12-volt battery, Delco-Remy combination starter-generator, solenoid and combination on-off-start ignition switch. With key removed, tractor is safe from accidental starting. Throttle and choke are conveniently locate next to ignition key. 

ATTACHMENT LIFT LEVER Raise or lower attachments while under full power. Depress thumb button, lock attachment in any of 4 different positions.

ATTACHMENT POWER CONTROL Powered attachments are driven by a power-take-off (PTO) located between Estate Keeper's front wheels. PTO safety clutch locks in "on" or "off" position. Start or stop power to attachments independently of ground speed.


ESTATE KEEPER Model 930. ENGINE-Wisconsin. Starting: ignition key, electric starting. Horsepower 7 1/2 -hp (@ 3600 RPM. Type 4-cycle, single cylinder. air-cooled. Fuel Capacity: 4 qt. Oil Capacity 2 pt. 

WISCONSIN ENGINE Rugged cast-iron engine is air-cooled, built for full-day, full time operation. Engine is located in rear section of Estate Keeper, to keep noise and exhaust fumes behind operator. Engine hood lifts for easy access to working parts. GEARED TRANSMISSION Power is delivered through 3-speed geared transmission and automotive-type differential in one oil-bath transaxte housing. Two speed ranges permit a total of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds from 1/4 mph to 5 1/2 mph. Air Cleaner: Oil bath, DRIVE-Geared transmission and differential. POWER TO AT ATTACHMENTS - Farm tractor type (PTO) direct drive splined shaft with universal joint couplings. TIRES 16x6.50-8 Terra-Tire with lawn and garden tread, front and rear.STEERING - Gear - type (9 to 1 ratio), DIMENSIONS- Height: 41 in. Width: 30 1/2 in. Length 67 3/4 in. Turning Radius: 21 in. Wheelbase: 29 in. Wheel tread: 23 1/2 in.. Ground Clearance: 5 in. min. SHIP. PING WEIGHT-600 lbs.STANDARD EQUIPMENT-PTO assembly padded bucket seat, weatherproof tool compartment. 



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