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BOLENS Lawn Keeper 


Founded in 1850, Bolens has grown to become the most respected name in outdoor power equipment. Milestones in the Bolens heritage include the introduction, in 1919, of the first power-driven garden tractor. Seven thousand of these early machines were sold to enthusiastic customers, and Bolens outdoor power equipment was on its way to becoming famous.

Immediately following World War II Bolens was acquired by FMC Corporation and specialization continued in production of outdoor equipment. A progressive engineering program was begun and new designs met growing new demands as Americans in increasing numbers discovered Bolens power equipment as a means of reducing the time and effort required for yard care. In 1947, Bolens introduced the first compact tractor. The Husky 600 made its appearance in 1961 and set a new standard for all compact tractors. Bolens again startled the industry in 1963 with introduction of the Estate Keeper; a unique and years-ahead concept in compact tractors.

Each product bearing the Bolens trademark is backed by this 115 year heritage, and by the extensive research and development facilities of FMC Corporation. Today, as in the past, the name Bolens stands for proved dependability, advanced design and the highest standard of quality.

BOLENS full line of outdoor power equipment

SUBURBAN RIDING MOWERS Proved performance, easy operation. Two models: 26-inch, 5-hp; 24-inch, 4-hp. MUSTANG TILLERS Powerful balanced tilling. Put their punch into the ground, not into the operator. Two models: 4-hp; 31/2-hp. ARCTIC SNOW CASTERS Straightaction, extra power. Two models: 6-hp, 26-inch; 4-hp, 21-inch. ORBIT-AIR MOWERS Unique aerodynamic cutting. Two models: 31/2-hp, 22-inch power propelled; 31/2-hp, 22-inch, push-type.



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